Please note that any student who intends to work or intern (paid or unpaid!) in the UK must obtain the Tier 4 General Student Visa.*  See the Visas page of this blog for details.

*Students traveling on an EEA or Swiss passport DO NOT require a visa to enter/work in the UK.


Want to Intern in London?

Get out of the classroom and into the community! Immerse yourself in British culture, make connections, and gain invaluable hands-on experience.

NYU London has partnered with EUSA, a non-profit organization that works with universities and colleges to provide students with internship opportunities in Europe.  If accepted into the program, students will work with EUSA to find and accept an internship placement.  This for-credit program offers a ten-hour a week experience with a required weekly seminar for a total of 4 credits (application required, details below).

Students in this program learn more about British society, culture, and professional life through placements in a wide variety of agencies and organizations.  You must be flexible, open-minded, adaptable, a self-starter, and ready for the challenge of new situations and cross-cultural engagement.


Internship Course – Apply by October 12! (new application deadline!)
Internship Seminar & Fieldwork – 4 points

Enrollment by permission only. Application required.

Note: Students accepted to this course must indicate on their visa survey that they want a Tier-4 General Student Visa; you will not be permitted to intern (paid or unpaid) in the UK without a Tier-4 visa. A Tier-4 visa costs a minimum of £289 GBP (approximately $500 USD), plus any applicable shipping and expedite fees. (*Does not apply to students traveling on EEA or Swiss passports.)

This 4 credit course includes a weekly seminar and minimum of 10 hours fieldwork/week at an approved internship fieldsite. Internship placements are made by EUSA, an organization partnering with NYU London. EUSA provides internship placements in a wide range of organizations. Industry sectors include:

  • Business, Finance & Economics
  • Healthcare, Social Issues & Education
  • Television, Film & Journalism
  • Communications
  • Arts & Culture
  • Politics & NGOs

The seminar portion of the course explores many different aspects of your internship site. The goal is to finish the semester with an in-depth understanding of the company or organization, including its approach, its policies, and the context in which it operates. We will also discuss more generally the state of the contemporary workplace and ourselves as workers. Finally, you will use the seminar to reflect critically and analytically on the internship experience and as a way to refine your own personal and professional goals.

Application requirements:

The online application requires you to answer a series of questions designed to help you think systematically about what you would like to learn and accomplish from an internship experience in London, and to indicate what type of internship placements you would be most interested in.  You will also be required to upload a personal statement and a resume in .pdf or .doc format.


  • Apply by Friday, October 12 and receive notification of acceptance to the program by October 17.

Once you have both your resume and personal statement prepared in a .doc or .pdf format for upload please fill out the online application found here: NYU London Internship Application

For more information, visit

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